Installation Of Two Heavy Duty Gates

Industrial Gate getting painted

Building and installing a heavy-duty industrial gate

Here the customer required two large openings with matching gates to accommodate vehicles access.

In this project we first had to clear a lot of brush growth where the pass through will be. These gates are really big as you can see by the size of the wall broken out.

We had to do some landscaping as water used to dam up when it rains. The old paving was removed so that we could do proper landscaping to direct water flow towards the gate and outwards. The result is a smooth sloped paving done right the first time.

Look at the size of the castor used for the gate, the large diameter not only assists moving the gate over paving but is more than capable of handling the immense weight of these Industrial Gates.

After the gates were secured they opened and closed with ease, running on a paving brick strip.

When painting the gates we apply generous coats of High Quality primer and Quality paint for a quality finish that will last a long time, no low quality “Cheap Contractors Paint”. While we were on site the customer requested extra work be done in the offices that was not part of the original scope of work.

After the project was completed we have been called upon to do some more work for the customer, with overall satisfied customers we get a lot of repeat business and referrals.

We pride ourselves in the work we do and uphold our slogan “Where Quality Workmanship Matters”.